Photo by Chris DiSanto

Liz is an Irish Jew from Queens, so she likes to say she’s a cheap drunk. Her great-grandparents were master home bartenders, and her mom mixed a mean margarita at the Fiesta Hut in north Jersey. Liz worked behind the stick for a total of two nights at a midtown NYC Irish pub before they realized she was underage and in way over her head.  She’s been teaching high school since 2008, and basically always needs a drink.

Chris is two-parts generic white guy and one-part Utah ex-Mormon, shaken for eighteen-years or so in NYC. The result is a generally bitter finish and an acquired taste. He’s taught 18-21 year-old at-risk students since 2013, so a stiff drink is always appreciated.

We’ve been drinking buddies since 2008, and got married in 2010.

Follow along here and on our Instagram (@midcenturymixology) as we work our way through Liz’s great-grandfather’s cocktail recipe guide from 1963– we aim to try every single drink, even the ones with whole eggs in ’em.