Reverse Martini w/Channing Daughters Rose Vermouth

I just spent an hour writing a florid ode to Channing Daughters winery (and Wolffer Estates and the breweries Long Ireland and Crooked Ladder). However, WordPress had other ideas, and the whole thing was lost to the annals of the internet. In the spirit (no pun intended) of cocktails and convivial imbibing, I’m choosing to take a deep breath and drink a martini instead of losing my shit.

20170730_174949I made a cocktail that Mr. B didn’t include in his venerable guide, the Reverse Martini, to showcase this super-special rose vermouth. Made with rose wine, this vermouth is a unique sweet/dry hybrid, with honey notes, but extreme, bracing herbaceous-ness. The drink is really just a traditional martini with the ratios reversed. As you know, Chris hates martinis, but said this drink was just “good-on-good” and would be like a “25-dollar cocktail” at a bar. I used Hendricks Gin, so he’s probably right. It’s stunning: complex, sharp, and floral. It’s also pretty in the new cocktail glasses we bought at Good Ground Antique Center in downtown Hampton Bays, where my extended family has been vacationing for around 15 years. 20170730_175157

Check out pics from the boozy parts of our family vacation below:




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